Detroit to Buenos Aires November 20-30, 2020

Let’s explore the roots of this dance that has entranced us!  In November of 2020, in the warm days of late spring in Argentina, join a group of tango dancers, cultural explorers and Spanish dilettantes in a ten-day journey through Buenos Aires.

Comfy guesthouse with a full kitchen and rooftop terrace?  Check.

Daytime classes and evening Practicas?  Check.  

Afternoon dancing in open air and milongas every night?  Check.

Day markets, site seeing, and learning about Argentine culture and history?  CheckCheck.  Check.  

Leisurely breakfasts on the guesthouse roof and cheap Malbec and empanadas everywhere?  Obviously.  

Live music and performances?  Yep.

Custom made dresses and hundreds of shoes to choose from?  We’ll find that, too.

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